Interpretation Services

Professional simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for your business

Our certified translation office offers interpretation services that enable clients to communicate directly with international partners, on-site and through digital platforms. Interpretation may be required for meetings, interviews, industry events, academic conferences, tourism, business negotiations or legal translation services.

In all areas, our interpreters can be trusted to represent your business with the highest degree of professionalism, including ethics, confidentiality and accuracy. We offer three kinds of interpretation services:

Consecutive interpreting is available for small group settings such as medical and legal appointments, business meetings and interviews, where a speaker can convey their complete thought before it is interpreted.

Simultaneous interpreting is available for large conferences or meetings where information must be conveyed simultaneously as it is spoken. We arrange for microphones, headsets and sound booths to be provided when appropriate.

Video and telephonic interpreting services are available to provide remote consecutive interpreting services for clients and their partners.

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